Time: 2023.04.27    【Original】

Digital inkjet food photo biscuit printer machine is a specialized printing machine that prints unique colorful images and designs onto cookies and biscuits. It uses edible ink and can be used to create customized images, logos, and text onto cookies, allowing for customized designs and decorations. The food printer machine is also capable of printing on other edible items, such as cupcakes and cake pops. The machine is usually used in bakeries, restaurants, and other food establishments to create custom designs for special events or occasions. Here, we share with you that artworks, round, fan and cheongsam shape flipping sugar cookies printing information with you.

This one, it is a kind of circle shape biscuits printing. It is normal and common shape cookies. When print on such a circle shape biscuits, you can use a tray or not, also you can print same design or different designs at one time, which are all available. Food printer in the videos above is A3 smaller size model, if bigger, it can print more biscuits at one time, relatively speaking, if the size of biscuits is bigger, it can print less at one time for same max working size based printer machine.

These ones, they are not in common shape. For this kind of shape or other more shape based biscuits, they can be printed as well, just like the printing videos above showing, we only need to edit the printing designs well matched with actual biscuits, then same printing as the common shape cookies printing.

Do we need a tray when printing on food with edible food printer machine?