New high-end t-shirt printer can print on white and black t-shirt very well now, and there is ink consumption calculation function in the printing software

ink consumption calculation function

Before printing, you can set the size you want to print, and choose whether to print white ink, then you will know how much ink it will cost for printing the image you setted, so you will get the actual printing cost.

  • 1).  set different size for printing image, it will bring different printing cost
    2). choose different ink limit ( more or less ink ), it will bring different printing cost
    3). set different printing quantity, it will bring different printing cost
    4). choose to print white ink or not, it will bring different printing cost
    Anyway, before printing you can know the actual printing cost for different printing images

CMYKW t-shirt printing image 02

This is the printing image of t-shirts printed by our good quality t-shirt dtg printer. From the printing software, you can choose more or less ink to print for different color ( colorful and more or less colrful ) you need.

DTG tshirt printing machine is being improved day by day, it can print good not only on light color tshirts, but also dark color tshirts, and printing is very good now.